Are You Feeling Tired?

Maybe more drained than you expect.
There can be more than 1 reason for this.
It could be your nutrition but I’ll save that conversation for another day.
Lets have a quick look at where you are spending your energy.

What do I mean by spending my energy I hear you ask?

Lets take a look at it this way.
When you stay connected your energy will naturally flow.
ie: Stay present.
But lets face it most people don’t stay present, and in a nut shell they are in the past, the future or their emotions.
Not right or wrong just where they are.

So lets have a look whats happening and lets use money as the currency as energy.
Lets say for you to run your body each day you need $40 worth of energy.
This should not be a problem as you receive $100 worth of energy to use each day.
So the flow in isn’t the problem.

How are you spending the energy you are receiving?

This is what can happen.
You have a grudge that you are holding from years ago it takes $10 to hold it down
Some one cut you off in traffic and you are all fired up about it $15
You are holding onto some old grief from a old relationship or someone passing $10
Family coming to stay next month for a week $30
The news says the economy is slowing and you are worrying about your security how will you survive. $20
This hasn’t even touched on stress….
So before you start your day you have spent $85 add on the $40 you need to run your body and all of a sudden before you start you are $25 in debt.

So you take energy out of your bank account to get by.
Keep doing that, and the bank account will run out and you will start to feel fatigued and if you continue you will start taking energy from the body and dis – ease begins.

What needs to happen is you need to look at your expenditure and be bone raw honest with your self are you making good investments with your energy or are you wasting it.

You may need to forgive someone or yourself or trust in yourself to get your energy back.

If you are losing your energy, it is like abusing yourself and you don’t need that.
You are Love and you just need to Remember you to begin healing your life.

Awareness is the first step of change.
May your energy bank account be filled with love.
Like all healthy bank accounts when you have reserves you can use them when you choose.
In Gratitude Enjoy