“The purpose of our lives is to comes to terms with our darkness, so we can live in our light.”

I love this quote. It’s so easy to hide away from our pain, our fears, and our hurts. For many people, they are under the false assumption that turning away from the hurts of our past is the best way to deal with them, yet this assumption is a false illusion. It’s this illusion that keeps us playing small, living mediocre lives, and surviving rather than thriving.

What if you made your life’s quest to search out the darkness – embrace it for being part of your journey, acknowledge it and allow it to be brought into the light of awareness where it could be healed? How different do you think your life would be?

You see, what you don’t own about yourself will eventually own you. Our emotional baggage, our limiting beliefs and our false assumptions are the things that are keeping us small. For the most part, we don’t even know they are down there running our lives and sabotaging our dreams. The cool thing about it all, is when we do become aware of them, we have the ability to reconfigure them and dissolve them back into the light. We have the ability to get to know ourselves even more than we already do.

When you can know yourself fully and then accept every part of yourself, you are indeed on the path to enlightenment. Knowingness and acceptance are crucial to self-love. Without self love, there can be no peace; and without peace, there can be no joy.

Our darkness is what keeps our journey interesting, and paradoxically, the brighter we shine, the bigger the shadow we leave behind us.

Embrace the shadows of life. After all, there is a learning moment in every event, if you choose to look hard enough.