Creating a vision that is bigger than you is something that fewpeople take the time to explore. Even fewer people focus and commit to their vision on a daily basis.

Why is that?

If we create something that would be so amazing to obtain, that would completely blow us away & fulfill our wildest dreams, why is it so many of us don’t achieve our vision or even come close to achieving it?

I believe it’s because we try to hold onto the vision all by ourselves instead of allowing others to help us secure it in place.

Let me explain what I mean…

If you take a look at the most successful people around the globe, they have a clear vision, and they have a team around them who knows what that vision is, and are taking actions steps every day to achieve it.

“It takes a team to build the dream”

I want you to look at this quote from a perspective that is deeper than the one that is blaringly obvious. Consider it from the perspective of holding onto the dream or vision in the first place.

It is energetically draining to try hold on to something that is so much bigger than you all on your own, all of the time. Most people give up on their dream before it has even begun because it overwhelms them, or energetically drains them.

But instead of giving up on the dream, what if you could just take a break from it? Give it to someone else to look after and breathe life into, while you re-group and re-energise yourself?

Your vision or dream is a living entity and needs life force to become a reality, and most of us struggle to breathe life into our visions 24/7.

The first step to successfully creating your vision is to ensure you have someone to be a care-giver to your vision when you need a break.

Most often that someone is our spouse or business partner, because they are closest to us and support where we are heading. It doesn’t matter who it is for you, the importance is to have someone who believes in you and the vision you are creating. The belief is all that is required.

The more people who believe in your vision and dream and who are willing to breathe life into it on your behalf, the more momentum you will create for it.