Group Mentoring

Working side by side, we’ll help you create a flexible business & life plan that gives you the exact steps you need to both learn and execute, to multiply your income and personal success.

Our team mentoring approach will give you the knowledge, tools and resources to take your business to the next level of success. It’s not enough to know what to do, you must know in what order to do it in as well.

Our Group Mentoring Will Teach You:

  • How to build a blueprint of wealth creation and business success that follows the natural order of the universe

  • How to make 2-5% change in your business that result in 20-50% increase in profits

  • How to spend your time and master your tasks so you have more time to spend on the activities you love to do with the people you love the most

  • Discover what your dream team looks like and who you need on your team right now. There’s nothing more satisfying that having the right people in the right roles all working towards a common goal and loving every minute of it.

  • How systemising and automating areas of your business can result in simultaneous productivity and revenue gains

  • Discover how to make confident decisions based on the direction you are heading in and you plan for your future.

  • Re-ignite the passion and inspiration of what got you into business in the first place. Fan the flames of freedom and fulfilment.

PLUS Receive TWO Additional BONUSES

wealth dynamics profile token

Wealth Dynamics Profile Token

There are only 8 pathways to wealth. This profile test will determine which pathway is your natural wealth building path to follow. Eliminate distractions and minimise your obstacles by keeping your self in flow and harmony.

wealth dynamics profile token

Wealth Spectrum Test Token

Start playing the right game, doing the right things in the right order. This test gives you the map to create wealth and success in any industry regardless of what you do day to day. Discover the 3 next steps you need to take immediately to move forward.

6 Reasons Why Our Group Mentoring Works

follow us we know the way

Follow Us – We Know The Way

Our main goal is to walk you through exactly what you need to do, to achieve your desired level of success. The foundation of everything we teach is derived from experience. All you have to do is show up and participate 100% in everything we share with you.

automate and replicate

Automate & Replicate

One of the commonalities of all great success stories is an ability to duplicate or replicate successful tasks or processes. We’ll help you automate and systemise your business, so you can leverage your efforts and maximise your profits.

precise execution

Precise Execution

It’s not enough to be doing the right things anymore. The right things at the wrong time can spell disaster. There is a natural flow to everything in the universe, and we’ll teach you how to intuitively align with that flow so you know exactly what you should be doing and when you should be doing it.

measure and test with meaning

Measure & Test With Meaning

You can’t improve what isn’t measured. We’ll work the numbers with you so you have a clear understanding of exactly what is going on in your business and or personal life so you can focus on the areas that need your best efforts and attention.

eliminate all guesswork

Eliminate All Guesswork

The world-class blueprint we’ll teach you in the program has been PROVEN to explode business success and personal wealth creation efforts. We will give you the map right now as well as the blueprint to follow for your future growth and success.

eliminate all guesswork

Get Your Life Back

There is no use building a successful business if you don’t have a work / life balance. We’ll show you how to get your life back so work is a means to live – not the other way around. You’ll discover how to build a business that gives you the freedom, time and flexibility to do the things you love.

83% of small businesses will close their doors within 4 years of start-up.
It’s not because they didn’t have a great product or service,
it’s because they were doing the right things in the wrong order.

Your Mentors

Terriane Palmer-Peacock

My philosophy is your business is a reflection of you. As you grow, so too will your business. After years in the Self Help & Personal Development field as a global trainer and coach, I know in order to achieve success in ALL areas of your life, you must focus on both internal and external strategies to grow and evolve.

I’m excited to bring you a program that addresses all of your needs on both a business and personal basis. There is no obstacle too big and no problem we can’t find a solution to together. Impact, Influence, Inspire – let’s work together to reach your highest potential.

Click Here for a detailed profile about Terriane


Douglas Peacock

I’m excited to help you reach your next level of success.  My mission is to help people achieve their goals and find the best way of attaining fulfilment in their lives. I have had the honour or working with people from all walks of life, from gold medal Olympic athletes, multi-million dollar entrepreneurs to ordinary people like you and I.

At the core we are no different from one another, and nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a person fulfil their place on the planet and share the unique gifts they were born with. I am excited to share with you my knowledge and wisdom to help you obtain the life you know you deserve to live.

Click Here for a detailed profile about Douglas

You are so ready for this.
All you need is to do, is decide that today is the last day you’ll do things alone.

What You Get In The Mentoring Program

  • Personalised Advice and Expertise

    Via telephone, skype, or the internet, we will meet with you personally to identify YOUR specific challenges and help you make the necessary changes to build a sustainable and repeatable business.

  • Relevant and Current Strategies From Experts In Their Field

    Every month join us online as we interview industry experts on what is working for them in their business RIGHT NOW. Learn current and relevant strategies and techniques that keep them cutting edge and at the forefront of their marketplace.

  • Interactive and Highly Experiential Training Sessions

    Everything taught in this mentoring program uses accelerated learning techniques to cement your new knowledge at the deepest level

  • Intensive Training Calls

    Held once a month online, you will be given the opportunity to benefit from other members in your group who are on a similar journey to you. Share your wins and solidify your next action steps so you remain focused on on track to achieve your goals

  • Progress Check-ups

    At no stage will we let you fall back to old sabotaging patents, procrastination or fear of failure. Connect with a coach/mentor on a one-to-one call for 30 mins every month.

  • We Will Always Be Here

    Sometimes all you need is a quick answer to a quick question. Simply send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. No question is to big or too small.

  • Secure Members Only Area

    All our calls and interviews will be recorded and posted in the members only area. If you can’t make a call or session, you can listen to it at a later date.

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