I was thinking about a seminar I am about to teach and it got me thinking about one of the main reasons people don’t achieve what they are capable of achieving in their lives. That reason is fear.

Fear of the unknown.

Many people live in what you call a comfort zone. But how comfortable are you really in this comfort zone? If you have financial stresses in your life, if your health is less than perfect, and your relationships could do with a bit more pizazz, then your comfort zone doesn’t sound very comfortable!

Think of this analogy:

A boat that never ventures beyond it’s mooring will never be damaged, but that’s not what boats are made for.
Similarly, a person who never ventures outside their comfort zone into what may seem like the unknown, will never get hurt – but that’s not what we were made for either. That’s not living life.

The unknown is where “the new” exists and it’s this place that possibility resides. There is a quantum soup of possibility available for you in every moment of time, and the best news is – it’s YOURS for the asking. You have choice at every moment. Choice for what something means, choice for how you feel, choice for what actions steps you will take and choice for managing your fears.

“Fear is not the unknown, for it is where your greatness resides.”

When you choose to be courageous and step outside your comfort zone, I guarantee you will feel the the adventure and thrill of living. You may still have fear present, that is natural. Courage requires you to continue walking forward despite the presence of fear, focused on the vision or goal that is important to you. On the other side of fear, will be your fortune.

Look upon fear as the catalyst to give you courage to achieve your dreams.