Humans are made of energy. We’re all part of the Collective Consciousness, and we all vibrate at different frequencies. It’s not just people—everything in the universe vibrates at some frequency.

You vibrate at a specific frequency, too. This frequency is determined by your thoughts, belief systems, patterns, and behaviors.

Why does that matter? Because the frequency of your vibrations affects the kinds of experiences you have.

In your physical body and energy system, there are dormant pockets of energy that can cause troublesome patterns or unexpected behavior. For example, you may have noticed yourself acting out of character in a situation and wondered what was going on with you. You may have experienced unusual thoughts or emotions that didn’t seem to fit the “real” you.

When something triggers a dormant pocket of energy, these patterns can get activated. They usually run unconsciously, keeping you in cycles of similar outcomes, over and over. If you find yourself having the same sorts of problems again and again, it’s probably because you’re unconsciously repeating the same patterns.

To break the cycle and change your experiences, you need to change your frequency.

You can do this by becoming conscious of your emotions and thoughts, and then transcending them to a higher level. When you do, you’ll naturally send out a new frequency and attract different experiences than you were before.

That’s where Healing comes in. I can help you release your blocks and stabilize your energy, so you can change your vibration frequency and attract different experiences.

To do this, I start by connecting with your frequency. I can tune in to where the energy is caught (held by an experience you don’t have acceptance with) or unstable (scattered or vibrating at a inconsistent rate, causing disease or unstable results).

Together, through awareness, we can bring your energy back into alignment, creating greater flow in your body and life. As your frequency changes, you will naturally feel lighter and attract new, better experiences.

When we do a Healing over the phone or Skype you are able to relax and be yourself in your own environment. This enables you to be more vulnerable with yourself and go deeper as there isn’t a worry in the back of your mind of will I be ok to drive. Clients find these healings are less confrontational and are more present which creates greater results.

Not everyone can visit me in person for healing, but through Distance Healing, I can help you even if you’re on the other side of the world.

This is possible because we’re all made up of energy. Quantum Physics is proving that we’re all connected through the Collective Consciousness and that energy can communicate instantly, independent of time and space.

In 1997, a study by scientists from the University of Geneva in Switzerland proved this theory of “quantum entanglement.” For this study, scientists used photons of light—the “stuff” our universe is made of. When the scientists created two photons by dividing a single photon, they found that even when separated, the two photons behaved as if they were still one and the same. Even when taken over 400 miles apart, they still responded to each other instantly, as if they had never been separated.

In the same way, healing energy doesn’t have to travel geographically from here to there. It happens instantaneously, through consciousness. If you’ve ever thought of far-away friends or loved ones and instantly felt connected to them, you’ve already experienced a bit of this yourself.

Similarly, with Distance Healing, our energy can communicate instantaneously. Regardless of time and distance, I can connect with your frequency by bringing myself into a place of stillness and tuning in to your energy field.

From this place of stillness, I can see where the pockets of energy are out of alignment. Using awareness and intention, a space will open up for you to transcend your old frequency or level of consciousness. When you do, your vibration will automatically change as well, breaking your old patterns and creating different experiences for you.

When acceptance is achieved, you will find yourself in a place of love and gratitude.