Overwhelm is something that can stop people dead in their tracks. It causes procrastination, stress, anxiety and in some cases dis-ease. Some people suffer from overwhelm when there are major changes in their life, others on a daily basis.

Overwhelm occurs when we have too much going on simultaneously in our lives. Too many projects, too many ideas, too many requests from others, too many things to do, too many…. too many…

The good news is, overwhelm is simple and easy to overcome!

3 Step Strategy to Overcome Overwhelm

1. Get Present

When somebody is “doing” overwhelm, they are often focusing on the future. They are worrying about all of the things they have to do, or need to get done, and what may happen if it doesn’t get done.
When you get present, all you focus on is “right now”.

Simply ask yourself “Am I OK right here right now?” If you get anything back other than a confident “Yes”, keep asking the question, “In this split second, am I OK right here, right now?”

The answer will always be Yes, (if it wasn’t, you’d be dead) and once you reach this place – you are now present!

2. Chunk Down

Those who ‘do’ overwhelm often get consumed by the BIG picture. They see everything that needs to be done and the enormous size of the tasks take over their mind. Chunking down breaks the big picture into a whole series of small pictures and steps to achieve.

  • Take a look at your BIG picture.
  • Get a piece of paper or whiteboard and get everything in your head out. Write it all down. This will help you stay present, and get some clarity on the tasks that need to be done.
  • Break the BIG picture down into a series of small pictures or mini goals
  • Prioritise what needs to be done first. This can be done by asking yourself “Which mini goal or task will make the greatest impact to my end results when I complete it?” OR
  • “Which task will give me the most forward momentum towards the successful achievement of my goals?”

3. Focus on the Next Step

Once you are present, all you need to do is focus on taking action. What is the first step you need to take? When that is completed, focus on the next step, and so on and so on.

It’s thats simple!

  1. Get present
  2. Chunk down
  3. Focus on the next step

Let me know if you found this helpful in overcoming overwhelm.