A lady came to me one day and asked me to do a healing for her. She was severely crippled with Arthritis. Her knuckles and all her joints were baldly swollen. Back then, when she came I still used a table so I helped her onto the table. As she lay there she looked up at me and asked can you heal me.
I found myself looking at this crippled body searching for what to say as I didn’t want to lie to her or pretend I could do something.
So I paused and then, a response came through me ,

What does heal mean to you?
I can still see those big eyes looking up at me and she said…
To have peace

That is all that was said for the whole time and about a hour or so later the energy stopped flowing and she opened her eyes and looked up at me and said
“Thank You”
She had found peace and acceptance in herself and for her physical body.
She told me she now understood her journey.
Her body was still crippled with arthritis yet she was at such peace, it just radiated from her.
I saw her out and about 6 months later and she told me that her peace had become stronger even though her body was deteriorating.

I was blessed enough to experience that amazing transformation with her.
So for you with the obstacle that you may be facing.
If you were asked the question?/
“What does heal mean to you”
What is the response that rises from within you?
As you sit and reflect or sleep tonight allow yourself to open to the magic of the Truth.
There is no dis-ease there is only health. There is no lack there is only abundance.
May you be blessed and your troubles lightened for you to see a pathway through and you to, find peace.
In Gratitude and Blessing