Today is small steps.

I was told I could start running again as my knee is coming good.
So my goal was to run around our 400m block.
Interesting to observe the body.
There was pain that had my attention and made me grimace while pushing myself to the next light post I would then stop running and walk the pain would go.
It appeared to be a metaphor for pushing through the unconscious restrictions I place on myself.
I would push and it appeared to hurt (but the funny thing it didn’t really it just appeared to and had enough strength to make me want to stop) I would then walk the pain would go I would run again and it would return yet not as strong.
We experience this all all things we are attempting to grow in.
The discomfort is there to let you know you are growing.
If you have a goal to have things different than they are right now then discomfort will become your friend.
My knee was a good teacher to push yet not over do it because that would cause damage and build stronger resistance inside to try again.
It’s a fine line to push enough for growth and not to much that it causes more damage than good.
Enjoy you discomfort and growth today and be gentle with yourself when you reach you limit know you have stretched and grown the next time you will go further and come closer to your goal
Remember enjoy the journey.
In Gratitude.