I was thinking the other day about death and how Doug has taught me to view it from a totally different perspective to most people. My father was killed in a motorcycle accident when I was just 12 years old, so I understand and can appreciate how painful losing a loved one can be. From where I stand now though – it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let me share with you why…

“Little Soul in the Sun” by Neale Donald Walsh is a parable about a little beam of light who comes down to earth to experience forgiveness. It’s a great metaphor for taking responsibility for everything that happens to us in our lives, and for understanding why people die.

Doug and I believe that when a person passes away, it’s because they have accomplished what they came here to do. We may not consciously know what their task was, it’s more an understanding that they got the lesson they needed to achieve or they helped others get the lessons they needed. Another way to look at it, is they simply moved to a new level of consciousness.

Whilst this may sound great in theory, it does little to help comfort those of us left behind… right?

What if you changed the meaning you’re currently associating to their passing?

You see, when a person passes away they ALWAYS leave a gift. The question we ask people who are grieving for their loved ones is “Did you get their gift?”

When someone dies, your heart breaks open because you have to bear the unbearable. In doing so, it opens you up to a deeper level of love. Their gift is the gift of love. The gift of love that is inside of yourself.

Think about a funeral you may have attended in the past, and notice that the people in attendance are a lot more open and accepting of the people around them. They soften because their hearts are open.

Sure, there is a degree of pain involved, but that is simply because you have stopped the flow of love going to the person who has left this world. What you need to remember is, it is only their physical form that has left this world. Their essence still remains.

When you think about a memory of them, the love you have inside can still flow to them and in flowing the love, the pain will disappear. It’s only your attachment to their physical form that is causing you pain.

Another way to describe it, is to keep your heart open to them, no matter where they are now.

So the next time there is a death in your reality, remember to look for the gift they left behind for you.

Feel free to leave your thoughts below or share this with someone who may benefit from it.