Success, world-class health, internal fulfillment and sustained happiness don’t just happen. These elements of your best life are created. All too often we look at a human being playing their best game on the playing field of life and assume they got lucky or were born into their lofty condition. What we don’t see is all the devotion and discipline that went into crafting the extraordinary results we see.

What I’m suggesting is that personal and professional greatness takes work. I’m not someone who would ever tell you that you could get to your dreams without having to make some sacrifices and pay the price in terms of dedication and self-control. The best among us make it all look so easy.

There’s a term I discovered that describes this called The Swan Effect – elite performers make personal excellence look effortless and seem to make things happen as gracefully as a swan moves along the water. But like the swan, what you don’t get to see is all the hard-work taking place below the surface or in the past.

daily practice

The best way to create spectacular results in the most important areas of your life is through daily practice. In my life, I have a series of practices that set me up for a great day. Yes, sometimes life sends you unexpected challenges that knock you off track. That’s just life happening. But with a series of practices to keep you at your best, you’ll stay in a positive state much more often.

Practices that will lock you into your best state may include a morning journaling session where you record your feelings, thoughts, and the blessings you are grateful for. You may listen to energizing music, or you may start your day with a strong workout and an elite performer’s meal. I will do some form of exercise even if it’s just a gentle walk as it not only energizes me, it also helps me clear my mind and allow me to hear my higher self. I may also use success statements or affirmations to get my mind focused for the day ahead.

Success and joy and inner peace don’t just show up. You need to create them. Find your series of practices, perform them with consistency. And then go out into this beautiful world of ours and shine!